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Buying a web site is not a simple matter. There are many issues to consider when entering into such a transaction. A web site is generally made up of different components. The domain name, the textual content, custom graphics, logos, trade names, licensed material, copyrighted material, custom software and code, servers and web hosting agreements, technology content, accounts receivables and much more. We can help you make sense of everything and can even point you in the right direction for transactional help.

Fix N Seal

A premium domain name for asphalt company where users can reach you for fix and seal parking lots, the project includes 1 Year free hosting, complete WordPress/HTML design, live chat tool. Complete ownership transfer to the buyer.

Price: $3,000

I-80 Junk

The idea of I-80 Junk is a domain name where it can rank high on a search engine, and your company can be reached by users who looking to sell junk cars, trucks, …etc. if you already in towing business or looking to start a small business this website and the unique domain name can increase your income up to 75% of what you have now. What this product includes: – 2 premium domains – i80junk.com and I-80junk.com – Website design – live chat tool – 1-year free hosting Complete ownership transfer to the buyer.

Price: $5,000


COVID-19status.com A unique premium domain, that helps users to reach your project via search engine for COVID-19 status and updates.

Price: $5,000

Our Team

Our technology expertise includes .NET,Angular, React, Azure, AWS, PHP, Java, mobility along with front-end, SCRUM methodology, and other multi-disciplinary know-how. Combining them, we can deliver software development projects of any scale, complexity and type.